Randonnées et visites de châteaux

Castles around the Hohenstein

The june 11, 2006 trek made us discover a very ruined...ruin : the Hohenstein castle. Gallo-Roman remains can be visited during this excursion, with the places called "Grand" and "Petit Ringelstein".

Built at the beginning of XIIIe century by the family of Hohenstein, it was the place where the bishop Berthold de Buchneck was imprisoned. Once freed in 1338, the bishop came back and attacked the castle, ordering its complete destruction.

The castle of Petit-Ringelstein, located at 611 meters high, was maybe used during the attack of the Hohenstein. The circular enclosure looking like a ring could be at the origin of the toponymy of the place.

The castle of Grand-Ringelstein, occupied by the bishop of Strasbourg at the beginning of XIIIe century, was destroyed in 1470.

The excursion organized by Châteaux-Rando included the visit of these places where it is necessary to learn how to listen to the History and imagine the events which took place there.

On the way, Gallo-Roman vestiges recalled us that the mountain was formerly inhabited, a long time before the construction of the first fortresses...

Here are the snapshots taken during the previous test of the tour (by Sabine) and the pictures taken during the trek (by Pierre).


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