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Castles of Haut-Eguisheim

The castles of Haut-Eguisheim are Dagsbourg, Wahlenbourg, and Weckmunt. The three keeps, being profiled on the hill of Schlossberg, dominate the plain of Alsace, at 591 m of altitude. The three castles of Husseren, so called three castles of Éguisheim were built from the XIe to the XIIe century.

Heading north are the beautiful vestiges of Dagsbourg, in the center those of Wahlenbourg, and in the south lies the Weckmunt with the lord's home. The site is 140 metres long and covers less than one half-hectare, on a small top.

Once on the spot, you can also benefit from this location to go to visit the Hohlandsbourg's castle.

It's one hour of walk from the Schlossberg (Take some money with you, because the entrance of this castle is not free).

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