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The castle of Kagenfels, also named Kaguenfels, Kagenbourg, Haufmatter, Hombourwiller ou Falkenschloss, is located upon a very special granitic rock at 667 meters high.

A team of passionate people moves mountains of soil, stones and rocks there since 1999.

When we visited the place, Mathias Heissler gave us a warm welcome, showing us the latest discoveries made on the archeological diggings.
The progression of the huge work made by this Association can be seen on their french website :
Le Kagenfels, un château-fort d'Alsace.

Please note that the access to the site of the castle of Kagenfels is strictly forbidden without authorization. The photographs presented here were taken in the presence of the archaeologists.

The hiking planned by our team on april, 9 goes on with the visit of the Birkenfels castle, with a circuit described in the pdf file document here (in French) : Kagenfels and Birkenfels

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